Wednesday, February 08, 2012

FA Search For New England Gaffer...

With the news emerging tonight that Fabio Capello has resigned from his post as England national team manager, the search for his replacement begins for the FA. Harry Redknapp, today found not guilty of tax evasion, seems to be the favourite among pundits, journalists and football fans across the country, but what about the other candidates?

The FA need to appoint the best man for the job, someone currently based in England that has an unrivalled win ratio as club manager. In my eyes, that can be only one man, a man that appears to have been overlooked by the press in light of todays developments...

Mark McGhee has a phenomenal 100% win record as Bristol Rovers manager and as supporters we should be very worried the FA will seek permission to talk to him about the job. We'd require a large sum in compensation but it wouldn't replace what we'd lose.

Obviously I'm only joking and I agree that Mr Redknapp is the best man for the job. Heading in to the Euros, a decision needs to be made relatively quickly in order to help stabilise everybody involved; the players so they know who will lead them out in the summer, the coaching staff so they know where they stand and the fans, so they can get behind the new man and back their team to glory. Tottenham need to be thought about here though, and not just by us. Harry needs to look at his position now and analyse the options he has and what's best for him right now. He's achieved an awful lot whilst at Spurs and is adored by everyone at White Hart Lane. That was proven in the way everybody, from supporters to club staff, rallied round to support him during his court case these past two weeks. Daniel Levy, Spurs chairman, has backed his manager wholeheartedly since appointing him, despite the potential of Harry being sentenced to a term in prison, so that may be faith and loyalty he wishes to reciprocate.

Either way, plenty of decisions need to be made by the FA and by Harry Redknapp in relation to the job. Does he want it? Do they want him? Will he take it?

We shall soon see. But there are more important and pressing issues in my mind than the new England gaffer. Club football over national football for me, all day long, every day of the week. Roll on Saturday and Bristol Rovers vs Morecambe! Hope the frost covers, rain covers and pitch heaters work successfully to ensure the game goes ahead.

Goodnight Irene.

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