Friday, July 20, 2012

Squad Numbers

The Bristol Rovers squad numbers have been announced ahead of the 2012-2013 season. There are no real changes except that Welsh forward Eliot Richards is now our new number 10. Most other players retain their numbers from last season whilst newbies Oliver Norburn and Seanan Clucas occupy numbers 15 and 25.

The full squad list is as follows:

1. Scott Bevan
2. Michael Smith
3. Jim Paterson
4. Danny Woodards
8. Matt Gill
Eliot Richards... Rovers new number 10.
9. Matt Harrold
10. Eliot Richards
11. Mustapha Carayol
12. Gasheads
14. Lee Brown
15. Oliver Norburn
16. Joe Anyinsah
17. Ellis Harrison
18. Mitch Harding
19. Adam Virgo
20. Conor Gough
21. Wayne Brown
22. Ross Staley
23. Jordan Goddard
24. Ollie Clarke
25. Seanan Clucas
26. Chris Zebroski
31. Shaquille Hunter

There are noticeable omissions for the numbers 5, 6 and 7, which would suggest a few new additions will take these numbers as and when they sign. 5 and 6 are usually defender's numbers, whilst 7 is typically the number of a midfield maestro.

Interesting to note who has what number and those of you who like to get a player's surname on the back of your shirt can now do so with their correct number.

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