Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hereford United 0-1 Bristol Rovers (Friendly)

Clarkson scores at Hereford - Lifted from: itv.com
David Clarkson scored the only goal of the game at Edgar Street to settle an even game. He netted from the edge of the box in the second half following a shot from winger Alefe Santos.

Unfortunately the news of 3 injuries has marred the result and performance. Ryan Brunt didn't make the squad due to a knee concern that requires him to see a specialist later this week. A piece of bone is floating in his knee and the surgeon will dictate whether a clean-up operation is necessary. If it is, Brunt could be missing for 3-4 weeks. If our inadequate squad already seemed threadbare, the situation was made worse by the fact Fabian Broghammer and Jim Paterson were forced off injured during the first half of the game. John Ward doesn't seem too concerned but Gasheads everywhere are beginning to worry. We have a weak squad as it is without seeing 3 players drop with injuries. Hopefully this forces us in to action in the transfer market - Ward will have to identify an attacking player to supplement the arrival of a new central midfielder in the coming weeks.

The lack of movement in the transfer market, despite the fact the club want to put an emphasis on youth, is incredibly worrying. Every other club, regardless of the financial fair play rules, are signing some good players while we remain inactive. I sincerely hope this doesn't backfire on us. For the first time in years there is contentment from the fans in regards to most things at the club and we've sold out our first two away games to prove it. Typically, however, we haven't improved our team at all and look unprepared on the pitch. This is Rovers, will things ever change?

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